As a child, I had tremendous stage fright. Growing up, I trained myself to overcome the nervousness- to think of public speaking as a ‘performance’. 

I still avoid it whenever I can.

My awkward relationship with public speaking made me curious about improvisors and their love for improv. It sounded like something I would never willingly sign up for. For the next month, I spent every Saturday evening at the Coalition Theater in Richmond. My goal, through this documentary, is to take you behind the scenes of an improv theater. 

Takeaways on the improv community

  • Improv is not about being funny. It is about being human, and reacting in the moment.
  • The best improv sets are the ones between the best of friends. Relationship between improvisers is everything in this art form.
  • They always have each other’s back and make their friends look good on stage. Unlike other sports, this one is anything but competitive.

The last day of my shoot was an open mic night. I went up for 4 minutes. I did OK.

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