Carbonfund.org is a non-profit organization that is leading the fight against climate change by focusing on reducing carbon emissions from household behavior. 

 Our task was to translate the unprecedented levels of concern on climate change into significant individual action. 


"Isn't it China's fault? What difference can I really make?" 

Through a detailed focus group, we learned that while a majority of our participants felt concerned about climate change, their responsibility towards it felt nebulous.

On the other hand, social issues ignited their emotions - visible in public protests, social media and legislation. 

Human Truth

Feeling disgusted or insulted is an immediate call to action. When people feel outraged or offended in a moral sense, they are more likely to react and to care. These emotions are primal

We notice these reactions in conversations about gender inequality, terrorism, crime, etc.

But climate change doesn’t force us to entertain thoughts that are indecent, impious or repulsive. It feels impersonal, and hence, it doesn’t incite powerful reactions. 


Personify climate change.

Meet Kyle.


Kyle is an anarchist who is destroying your world and affecting your health in ways you don't yet know. Our campaign starts with cues on Kyle and his actions with a call to action for our audience to find out more and stop him. 




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Mike Cardamone (Writer)
Raiven Delisle (Art Director)

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