Hello Oral Care is founded by entrepreneur Craig Dubitsky, famous for his work on category disruptor brands- EOS & Method. Hello is a design focused brand with a friendly personality and a promise of honest ingredients. But most of all, it prides in beautiful packaging that does not need to be hidden away under the sink or behind the mirror. 

Our Task

Craig gave us the task of expanding into another product category where they could be successful utilizing their current brand ethos.


Through a SWOT analysis, we set parameters for entry into the new category. 

  • Personal care category where Hello has established familiarity
  • Category that has experienced little to no innovation
  • A sea of sameness with packaging and messaging
  • One or two major players 


We noticed the intimacy aisle.

As we walked down this aisle, we felt we were getting assaulted by sex. We felt palpable awkwardness as strangers brushed shoulders picking up condoms or personal lubricants. We noticed flashy text, dated packaging and hyper sexualized, aggressive language. When we picked any of these products and turned them over, we read a list of chemicals we didn't understand.

The intimacy aisle is ripe for disruption.

Category Analysis

To further understand the category, we did primary research through focus groups and surveys with different age groups. 


Hello is the empowering sexual wellness brand of today. 

Hello- Friendly Intimacy

Brand Manifesto

Complete Product Line

We utilized the same packaging aesthetic and friendly voice that Hello currently uses for their oral care line. Easy to read, simple, colorful, with a natural feel.


High-quality condoms with honest ingredients and mature packaging.

Post-sex wipes

We introduced an "after" product. Post- sex cleanup wipes for convenience and piece of mind.

Sprayable Lubricant

We reimagined traditional squeeze-tube lubricant and put it in a small, easy-to-hold spray bottle for no-mess and dispensing the perfect amount.

Tone and Packaging

We struck a balance between  hyper-masculine and crunchy granola by keeping it organic and friendly; honesty with hints of playful.

Convenient on-the-go extensions

Convenience pack

We designed a convenience pack that would function as a mini intimacy kit with 3 condoms, after-wipes and a smaller tube of the sprayable lubricant. 

These kits are ideal for travel and for carrying around in a bag.

Pocket protection

These one-time packs are designed to replace the 'wallet condom'.

Campus Ambassadors

While a majority of the learning happens in the early teen years, attitudes towards sex are formed in college years. To promote a positive environment around sexual wellness, Hello brand ambassadors in college campuses would hand out these convenience packs and pocket protections. Apart from prompting a healthy conversation around sexual wellness, the college promotion would aim to neutralize the stigma of women carrying condoms by getting them involved. 

Drawstring bags




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Caitlin Murphy (CBM)
Kelly Padgett (Experience Designer)
Jessica Sugerman (Art Director)
Alex McClelland (Art Director)
Will Bareford (Copywriter)

[email protected]
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