Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix is a beloved brand in the American household that dates back to 1930. Mabel Holmes created the product for working families to make meals in a "jiffy". The brand boasts having done very little to their boxes' general look and feel over the years in efforts to keep costs low on their product. 


We learned that while Jiffy is the top choice when it comes to corn muffin mix, people just aren’t baking them enough anymore. We needed to increase the number of occasions corn muffins are baked. 


Food has become a staple of social media but corn muffins don't make the cut. 


Take our consumers down memory lane to simpler times. 


With the revolution of health-crazed brands, we wondered if there was a segment that still ate without guilt or restriction. Luckily, we found a group of people that strongly followed their heart when it came to eating. 

The intuitive eaters do not experience guilt or restriction. They enjoy taking out time to prepare and eat meals that make them happy. We saw an opportunity in reminding them of corn muffins.

Cultural Insight

Social media has evolved the way people think about food. Hunger doesn’t feel as real until we see a 30 second Tasty video and think ‘I’m going to make that.’

Food has had one of the most notable evolutions - it’s no longer the taste, it's the way it looks and stimulates your brain.

Consumer Insight

Our intuitive eaters did not grow up with social media. They remember gathering around the table for family dinners. They remember the one night Grandma was visiting and she encouraged the indulgence of that second helping.

Deep down somewhere food isn’t just an image on news feeds, it’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane to a better time.

Brand Insight

Many households hold Jiffy in a special place. 

Social listening revealed that families have their own secret recipe of the Jiffy mix, and these recipes are passed down as tradition in the family. 


Jiffy is an integral part of that heart-warming memory of family, food and togetherness.

We need to remind our intuitive eaters of the simple, wholesome cooking they grew up loving but may have forgotten about. 



Our concept was to celebrate simple food with humble beginnings. We brought this to life with the spirited voice of a sassy grandma. 


The quintessential cross-stitch frame, nostalgic of grandma's warm home. 


Call Grandma Hotline      


Don’t know what to make for dinner tonight? Call our toll-free hotline and we’ll connect you with a Grandma. She’ll give you her recipe and she would really appreciate hearing your voice.


We gave the packaging a contemporary touch without losing the heritage. 

To increase occasions of usage, we extended the packaging line to offer a family size jar, that can sit alongside the flour, sugar and coffee on the traditional counter top. 

OOH + Social

Since our audience was taking to platforms like Amazon reviews and Reddit to share their favorite recipes, we saw the opportunity to build a community via social and outdoor. We created a Facebook page that would feature recipes submitted by consumers. Based on popularity and votes, every week the winning recipes would be offered on the menu via a food truck in various cities. 

We updated the existing cookbook to feature the most popular recipes submitted by real people from all over the country, and can be easily ordered for free via the website. 

Connor Miranda (CBM)
Jasmine McCrae (Art Director)
Gianna D'amico (Art Director)
Matthew Neylon (Copywriter)
Grace Higginbotham (Experience Designer)

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